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Pernille Skovbo Rasmussen

Pernille Skovbo Rasmussen


PhD research interests 

My overall research interest is in children and young people’s everyday life and especially the challenges that vulnerable children and young people face during childhood/adolescence, and how society addresses the issue of children's challenges.

In my PhD project I will study 1) the influence of psychiatric services on the everyday life of children and adolescents with mental illness, and 2) how to gain knowledge of children's own perspectives of their everyday lives. Theories of the perspectives of children with mental illness, and methodologically how to gain insight to the perspectives of these children, is largely absent in the literature in the field. Empirically knowledge is lacking about the consequences of the disparate treatment that children receive outside the hospital setting, and how these treatments interact with the children's everyday life and well-being. Methodologically, we lack knowledge about how to study the perspectives of children with mental illness. The PhD project seeks to contribute with new findings.

The research questions in my PhD project will be examined on the basis of two empirical sources: a quantitative cohort study that follows children and adolescents when leaving hospital setting, and six months after, and a qualitative cohort study that follows ten children/adolescents during the same period of time. 

Other activities

I am partly located at Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen, and partly at KORA, the Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research.

In KORA I deal with, as Project Leader, the evaluation of campaign interventions in psychiatry, discrimination survey among people with mental illness, evaluation of interventions targeted vulnerable patients and their families in the health care system and studies more widely initiatives targeting health and vulnerable children.

ID: 131854622