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Research groups and research plan for the Department of Sociology 2010–2015


The Department of Sociology is the only discipline-based sociology department in Denmark. As a result, the Department has a special duty to represent theoretical and methodological breadth, and to collaborate with other institutions involved in sociology, both in Denmark and abroad. The aims of research at the Department of Sociology are to make a theoretical and methodological contribution to international sociology, to conduct theoretical, empirically based analyses, to present the results to the general public in Denmark and to incorporate the results into its teaching. The Department wishes to maintain its strong position in the Danish social sciences by continually improving and developing its research, in both methodological and theoretical terms.

Progress in sociology can be generated both by new interpretations and by expanding upon classical and modern sociological theories through the interpretation of social trends. Academic progress is also made through interaction and exchange with a number of closely related disciplines in several areas of the social sciences, as well as the humanities and sciences.

The Department of Sociology conducts research through a series of projects that may involve individuals or groups of researchers in the Department, or which may be collaborative in nature and involve researchers at other research institutions in Denmark or abroad.

The research complies with the University of Copenhagen's general principles regarding academic freedom. Each of the Department's five research groups brings together staff with similar research interests. The team profiles are listed below.

The five research groups are:

The Department's research environment also consists of a number of more or less permanent interdisciplinary activities, e.g. regular academic discussions or research involving several groups. This applies to general sociology subjects, e.g. social differentiation, as well as to more specific ideas for research projects inspired by, e.g. new ideas from the researchers and/or new funding opportunities and methodological approaches. As far as methodology is concerned, the Department strives to develop both qualitative and quantitative methods, and also to develop different methods of combining data from both approaches.