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Academic staff

Academic staff at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

Due to technical problems, not all employees at the Department are shown in the list below. The following people all work at the Department of Sociology even though they currently figure as employees of the Department of Anthropology:

Carsten Strøby Jensen (Head of Department)
Margaretha Järvinen (Professor)

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Allan Michael MadsenAssociate Professor  +45 353-23283E-mail
Anders BlokAssistant Professor, 'Head of CEVES' Assistant Professor, 'Head of CEVES' +45 353-23577E-mail
Anders HolmProfessor  +45 353-24507E-mail
Anders Trolle Purup// No STIKO //   E-mail
Anna IlsøeAssociate Professor, Ph.D. Private sector collective agreements at local level; management-employee cooperation - private sector; working hours; labour market organisations +45 353-23212E-mail
Anna Sofie BachPh.D. Fellow Gender, relationships, family structures, practice theory and feminist theory +45 353-22827E-mail
Anne ClementsenPh.D. Fellow Urban sociology, architectural theory, urbanism, urban management, socio-spatial dynamics +45 353-23472E-mail
Annemette Coop Svane-PetersenPh.D. Fellow Ph.D. Fellow +45 33 48 09 07E-mail
Anton Grau LarsenPh.D. Fellow  +45 353-21587E-mail
Bella Margrethe Mørch MarckmannAssistant Professor Sociology of the family, generations, norms, everyday life, home, qualitative and quantitative methods +45 353-21607E-mail
Bjørn Schiermer AndersenAssistant Professor The concept of imitation, Sociology of Fashion, Irony, Camp and kitsch, The concept of fetishism, Hipster culture, Sociology of Art, Sociological Theory, Phenomenology and phenomenological method, Immanuel Kant and the classical sociologists, Sociology of Culture, Cultural Theory, The role of object +45 61 68 20 37E-mail
Camilla Bruun EriksenResearch Assistant Research Assistant +45 353-31755E-mail
Charlotte BaartsAssociate Professor / Head of Studies  +45 353-23298E-mail
Charlotte BlochAssociate Professor  +45 353-23236E-mail
Christian Lyhne IbsenAssistant professor Collective bargaining in the private sector; employment relations mediation systems; labour market organisations +45 353-23904E-mail
Christian Stenbak LarsenPart-time lecturer Part-time lecturer +45 72 48 70 73E-mail
Christoph Houman EllersgaardPh.D. Fellow  +45 353-23572E-mail
David W.M. SorensenPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Dorte CaswellPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Flemming RøgildsExternal Lecturer   E-mail
Gøsta Knud Jørgen Esping-AndersenProfessor Professor +45 353-24115E-mail
Hans BayPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Helge AlbrechtsenExternal Lecturer External Lecturer +45 353-23216E-mail
Hilda Rømer ChristensenAssociate Professor  +45 353-23943E-mail
Inge Kryger PedersenAssociate Professor Social Theory, Sociology of Health, Knowledge, Expertise, Body and Culture. +45 353-23229E-mail
Jacob StrandellPh.D. Fellow Cognitive Sociology, Self/Identity and Self-Esteem +45 353-31702E-mail
Jakob Johan DemantAssociate Professor Associate Professor +45 353-21584E-mail
Jeff Geerthsen SmidtExternal Lecturer  +45 353-31757E-mail
Jens ArnholtzPh.D. Fellow Labour migration/foreign workers; EU-level labour market regulation +45 353-23214E-mail
Jens Peter Thomsenadjunkt/assistant professor Sociology of Education. Social class and class theory. Higher education and social differentiation. Educational mobility and inequality of educational opportunity. Cultures in education. Quantitative and qualitative methods. +45 353-24505E-mail
Johan Snorre Engberg RalundTeaching assistant   E-mail
Jonas ToubølPh.D. Fellow  +45 353-23268E-mail
Jørgen Elm LarsenProfessor Professor +45 353-23266E-mail
Katrine Syppli KohlPh.D. Fellow Ph.D. Fellow +45 353-23248E-mail
Kristian Bernt KarlsonPostdoc Educational stratification, social mobility, quantitative methods +45 353-21588E-mail
Kristoffer KroppAssistant Professor  +45 353-23504E-mail
Lars FynboPart-time lecturer Part-time lecturer  E-mail
Lars Højsgaard AndersenPh.D. Fellow   E-mail
Lars Pico GeerdsenPart-time lecturer Part-time lecturer  E-mail
Lasse Gøhler JohanssonTeaching assistant   E-mail
Lasse Suonperä LiebstPh.D. Fellow Ph.D. Fellow +45 353-23291E-mail
Leopold GalickiPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Lisbeth Trille Gylling LoftPost. Doc  +45 353-23903E-mail
Malene DamgaardExternal lecturer External lecturer  E-mail
Margareta BertilssonProfessor Professor +45 353-23275E-mail
Maria RøgeskovPhD Fellow Intellectual disabilities, mental illness, housing, social relations, staff support, social well-being, self-determination, quantitative and qualitative research +45 353-31752E-mail
Maria da Paz Ventura Campos LimaPart-time lecturer   E-mail
Maria Duclos LindstrømPart-time lecturer  +45 353-23505
Marie Bruvik HeinskouAssociate Professor Associate Professor +45 353-23249E-mail
Matilde Lykkebo PetersenResearch Assistant  +45 353-31434E-mail
Michala Hvidt BreengaardPh.D. Fellow Gender, motherhood, family and work balance, gender equality, feminist theory +45 353-24380E-mail
Mikael CarlehedenAssociate Prof., Head of Ph.D. Programme Head of Ph.D. Programme, Social Theory +45 353-23286E-mail
Mikkel MailandAssociate Prof., Head of Research, Ph.D. Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; employment policies, tripartite cooperation, EU-level labour market regulation +45 353-23277E-mail
Morten Dalager DitlevsenPart-time lecturer Part-time lecturer  E-mail
Nana Wesley HansenAssistant Professor Collective bargaining rounds in the public sector; public sector cooperation and negotiation at local level; labour migration/foreign workers +45 353-23444E-mail
Niels Viggo HansenAssociate Professor Associate Professor +45 353-24506E-mail
Pernille FaxeTeaching assistant Teaching assistant  E-mail
Peter AbrahamsonAssociate Professor  +45 353-23941E-mail
Peter FallesenPh.D. Fellow  +45 33 34 48 12E-mail
Peter GundelachProfessor Social values, collective actors, utopias, national identity, comparative methods +45 353-23285E-mail
Peter LüchauPost Doc Post Doc +45 353-23507E-mail
Peter Rohde SkovPh.D. Fellow  +45 33 69 77 15E-mail
Poul PoderAssociate Professor  +45 353-23946E-mail
Rene Karpantschof// No STIKO //  +45 28 68 76 49E-mail
Signe RavnPart-time lecturer Part-time lecturer  E-mail
Sofie Dencker-LarsenPhD Fellow MSc Sociology. Research interests include: unemployment, marginalization, quantitative methods, mixed methods +45 33 48 09 59E-mail
Steen Erik NavrbjergAssociate Professor, Ph.D. Management-employee cooperation and negotiation - private and public sector; the impact of multinational corporations on negotiation and cooperation; shop stewards and health & safety representatives; local unions +45 353-23279E-mail
Stefan KoellerExternal Lecturer   E-mail
Stine Møllegaard PedersenPh.D. Fellow Inequality in educational opportunities; Social mobility; Social Inheritance: Parents, and grandparents, influence on children¿s educational outcomes; Classroom composition and peer effects on children¿s educational outcomes. Empirical research. Quantitative methods. +45 33 48 08 34E-mail
Søren Kaj AndersenAssociate Prof., Director, Ph.D. Collective bargaining rounds in the private sector; labour migration/foreign workers; labour market organisations +45 353-23269E-mail
Tea Torbenfeldt BengtssonAssistant Professor Youth, risk-taking, crime, out-of-home care +45 353-24503E-mail
Tobias Bornakke JørgensenResearch Assistant Research Assistant +45 353-23051E-mail
Torsten Karl Rosenvold GeelanExternal Lecturer External Lecturer  E-mail
Trine Pernille LarsenAssociate Professor, Ph.D. EU-level labour market regulation; elderly and family policies; shop stewards; labour market segmentation (on maternity leave) +45 353-24514E-mail
wfs262 wfs262External Lecturer  +45 353-24810E-mail
Yosef Kamal IbssaPart-time Lecturer Part-time Lecturer  
Yvonne Due BillingAssociate professor, Ph.D. Associate professor +45 353-23503E-mail