29. marts 2012

Recognition, social invisibility, and disrespect


New volume of Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory, Volume 13, Issue 1, 2012: Special Issue: Recognition, social invisibility, and disrespect.

Editorial by Mikael Carleheden, Carl-Göran Heidegrena & Rasmus Willig: Recognition, social invisibility, and disrespect.



Recognition, social invisibility, and disrespect
Mikael Carleheden, Carl-Göran Heidegren & Rasmus Willig
pages 1-3

Research articles:
Brutalization of the social conflict: struggles for recognition in the early 21st century
Axel Honneth
pages 5-19

‘Recognition’ and ‘interest’: a multidimensional concept in the sociology of work
Stephan Voswinkel
pages 21-41

Burnout as a social pathology of self-realization
Elin Thunman
pages 43-60

Incentives, contract policy, and disrespect: a critical normative analysis of changes in welfare policy leading to the disrespect of ethnic minorities in Denmark
Søren Juul
pages 61-76

The achievement principle, education, and recognition
Teemu Hanhela
pages 77-92

The misrecognition mind-set: a trap in the transformative responsibility of critical weight studies
Susanne Brandheim
pages 93-108

Taylor and the problem of recognizing cultural groups
Onni Hirvonen
pages 109-124

The re- in recognition: Hegelian returns
Victoria Fareld
pages 125-138

Recognition and critique: an interview with Judith Butler
Rasmus Willig
pages 139-144

Grammatology of modern recognition orders: an interview with Axel Honneth
Rasmus Willig
pages 145-149