Danish Young People’s drinking. A discussion of the Cultural dynamics and decline

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentation - typerForedrag og mundtlige bidrag

Jakob Johan Demant - Andet

Abstract: Denmark has been one of the countries where young people has constantly has been in the top regarding binge drinking (ESPAD, HBSC). But as within most of the countries within the western world we have seen a decline since late 90es. This decline has, in Denmark, been very radically within up to 9th grade. However, the decline is not stable across the high school and vocational school population. In Denmark we still identifies a high degree of binge drinking within post 9th grade youth. The presentation addresses these tendencies by reviewing changes in culture, parenting, industry and policy. Further, a combined theoretical perspective of self-control (personality traits) and controlled decontrolling (historical cultural developments of subjectivities) is presented. This combination of Wauters historical sociology and the neurological/psychological self-control theory may be able to grasp some of the identified structural changes.
25 jan. 2018

Ekstern organisation

NavnVSURF - Victorian Substance Use Research Forum

ID: 195967615