Benedikte Brincker

Benedikte Brincker

Head of Department

Primary fields of research

I am Professor in Sociology and Head of Department at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen. My research covers: the sociology of nations and nationalism; the sociology of education;  public administration. My research focuses on among other things territorial autonomy and education in the Arctic Region, especially Greenland. In pursuing this research agenda I work closely together with universities in the Arctic including, Alaska, Faroe Islands, Finland and Greenland.

I offer courses in political sociology and organisation and management. I have supervised 5 Ph.D. dissertation to completion, 3 as main supervisor and 2 as co-supervisor. Furthermore, I have carried out 7 Ph.D. examinations, 5 as chair of the assessment committee and 2 as external member. Finally, I have supervised a large number of MSc and BSc theses.

I am a member of the Danish board of external examiners (Sociology) and the Greenlandic board of external examiners (Greenland University).

Before joining the University of Copenhagen, I was Vice Head of Department with a special focus on education and Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, the Copenhagen Business School and prior to that PhD. programme Director and Associate Professor at the Department of Business and Politics.

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