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Centre for the Sociological Study of Science, Expertise & Society

CEVES provides researchers in the sociology of science and expertise with an engaged research environment, and hosts a variety of public talks and research seminars as well as courses and study groups related to ongoing research at the Centre.

CEVES-researchers study the pivotal role of science and expertise across a variety of important societal domains, and aims to show how sociology can contribute to understanding relations between science, expertise and society. Amongst other domains, current researchers at the Centre study the social embedding of science and expertise in health, economic regulation, environment and climate change, social research and law.

The centre aims to embrace the diversity and innovation in theories, methods and empirical problems which forms a hallmark of contemporary sociology of science.

Seminars and talks are open to all interested. You may receive notifications of upcoming events by writing an e-mail to CEVES@soc.ku.dk.