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Nordic Sociological Association Conference 2018

The 29th Nordic Sociological Association Conference will be held in Aalborg, Denmark August, 8-10 2018.

The title of the conference is: The Global North - Welfare policies, mobilities, inequalities, and social movements. This year's conference focuses on the relation between the Nordic countries and globale processes and how they influence each other. Among other issues, the conference will address questions regarding migration, poverty, inequality, and recent labour market and welfare state developments. The conference offers a great opportunity to network with colleagues, be inspired, and keep up to date with the latest developments in Nordic sociology.

Prominent speakers within the field of contemporary sociology will be giving keynote speeches. Professor Mike Savage from London School of Economics (LSE) will give a talk on ”Escalating inequality & global geo-politics.”  Savage has a long-standing interest in analysing social stratification and inequality, and he has been an influential figure in the revival of the sociology of social class in recent decades in Europe.

Professor Guy Standing of SOAS University of London will make a presentation with the title “Responding to Rentier Capitalism: A Precariat Charter.” Standing has written and edited books on contemporary labour market policies and is known for his work on the so-called precariat.

Dr. Prerna Singh from Brown University is the author of the award-winning book How Solidarity Works for Welfare: Subnationalism and Social Development in India (2015). In her keynote speech ”Nationalism and Welfare,” she will be putting welfare into an international perspective.

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