Jakob Johan Demant

Jakob Johan Demant



Jakob Demant, PhD
8/3 1972
Associate Professor

Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen



University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology, PhD 2008.

University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology, Cand. Scient. Soc. 2003.

University of Copenhagen, Department of Economics, 1th & 2th year. 1993

Research Management Course - Uddannelse for forskningsledere, CBS (2011)


Employment (research):

Associate Professor (2014-). University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology

Associate Professor (2011-2014). Aarhus University, Department of Psychology, CRF

Assistant Professor (2009-2011), Aarhus University, CRF

Research assistant (2006-2009), Aarhus University, CRF

Research assistant (2003-2006), University of Copenhagen, Department of Sociology,


Positions at Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen:

Leader of the researcher group Culture and civil society at Department of Sociology (2015-)

Member of study board, at Department of Sociology (2016-)

Head of PhD Assessment and employment committee (2015)


Research projects:

Cryptomarkets for Illicit Drugs. (PI: Dr. Jakob Demant) The project have an interest in understanding the scope of the markets and how the cryptomarkets transforms crimes both online and offline. Funded by The Ministry of Justice (2016-)

Handling of Stolen goods within the general Danish Population (PI: Dr. Heinskou).  Funded by the Crime prevention Council (2015 -2016)

The Societal Meanings of the Intoxicated Body: (PI:Dr.Prof.Geoffrey Hunt, Aarhus University) A Qualitative Sociological Study of Alcohol Intoxication, Gender, and Young Adults (2014-2018).  (2015-)

Young adults, drugs and alcohol – a 10-year longitudinal study (YODA II). (2015-2017)Professor Margaretha Järvinen (PI), professor Peter Gundelach, senior researcher Jeanette Østergaard, researcher Stefan B. Andrade, associate professor Jakob Demant and researcher Signe Ravn. The aim of this longitudinal study is to analyse the development in drinking and illegal drug use from adolescence to young adulthood. The project is funded by the Rockwool Foundation. (ongoing)

Calibrate: European Survey of University Student Alcohol Use. PI: Cooke, R. Aston University, UK. (2014)    
Drugs and Nightlife (YODA – Rockwool-project 2008-2011): (PI: Dr.Prof. Järvinen)Mixed method study on Danish young and young adults’ use of illicit drugs. Project consists of a national representative survey (age 17-19) and a unique mixed method night club study.

Qualitative study on young people’s perceptions of media texts on alcohol (AMPHORA 2010-2012).PI: Dr. Mathilda Helman, University of Helsinki)Aim: collect and compare knowledge on youth within six European Countries. Method: Reception Analytical Group Interview (RAGI). 

Qualitative study of changes within Danish youths’ culture of intoxication (KUFUF 2010-12): (PI: Dr. Jakob Demant)  Aim: to follow up on the PUNA findings on young people’s alcohol intoxication culture. The study applied similar focus group method.

Youth, parties and alcohol (PUNA Rockwool-project 2003-2006): Mixed method study of adolescents drinking behaviour. Three sub studies: An extensive qualitative followup study over three years with 8th t 10th grade students in different parts of Denmark.

Areas of Scientific expertise:

Studies on youth and young adults, youth crime, cybercrimes, sociological consumption studies and theories, studies in alcohol and other substances, general sociological theory (especially on embodiment, affects, social context, risks and pleasures), theories and studies on gender and sexualities. Demant has published and teaches master causes in mixed methods. His ambition is to develop methods based on state of the art and in the same time tailor them to the specific task. His ability to work with novel methods and move between symbolic and interpretative perspectives, cognitive perspectives, pragmatic perspectives can be found in his publication as well as doctoral supervising.


Member of boards and networks:

TrygFondens Unge+ network. A cross disciplinary research network with the aim at building potential for large scale Tryg foundation funded projects in the arear and youth research. (2016- )

International Journal of Alcohol and Drug Research (IDJR), member of editorial board (2014-)

Kettil Bruun Society for Social and Epidemiological Research on Alcohol (KBS). Member of board (2008-2013):

Centre for Sociological Studies (CESAU). Member of steering group. The center aims to support and develop sociological education and research at Aarhus University. (2009-2014)



Management experience:

Demant have an excellent ability to lead and supervise complicated research projects that involves a number of different disciplines and methods. His former employment in the crossdiciplinary field of alcohol and drug research has involved working with psychology, anthropology and political scientists. Besides leading students, research assistants and PhD students in the projects above I have participated within the CBS Research Management Course (2011).   


Supervision of post-docs and PhD students.

Dr.Martin Davoren, University of Cork, is supervised in his ambition to obtain a post-soc fellowship based on the project “Alcohol Consumption among University Students: Developing a typology to tailor effective research, policy and interventions”. DR. NOA MILMAN

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology University of Massachusetts, Amherst (USA), in her ambition to obtain an ERC Marie Curie post-doc fellowship.

I have one current PhD student: Jacob Stradell working on Cognitive Sociology. Former PhD students: Merete Poulsen, MSc in Psychology (2012-2015). Thesis title: “Beruselsesfænomener, subjecter og kroppe. Rusmiddelbrug blandt kvinder I forhold til kvinder”, AU. It is a qualitative study infomed primaily with post-structural and posthumanistisk theory; Ditte Andersen, MSc in Sociology (2011-2014). Title: “Change work in drug treatment for young people: A micro-sociological investigation of interactions intended to transform”. The study is based on ethnographic work and qualitative interviews in drug treatment institutions with young people. Visiting PhD-scholars: Josefin Bernhardsson, University of Stockholm, Feminist study of youth drinking (spring 2013) & Ella Dilkes-Frayne, Monash University, Melbourne (Summer 2013).


Examinations of PhD dissertations: Kirstin Bruvik, Oslo University, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, “Everybody is drunk Street-level alcohol policy in Oslo”; Josefine Bernhardsson, University of Stockholm, Department of Sociology, “Normalitetens gräenser. En fokusgruppestudie om alkoholkultur(er), genus- och åldersskapande”; Nicola Thomson, Curtin University, Faculty of Health Science, Australia, “Making Methamphetamine: Enacting a Drug and its Consumers in Scientific Accounts, Personal Narratives and Service Provision”; Silje Louise Dahl, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Institutt for sosiologi og statsvitenskap, “Ein forskjell som gjer ein forskjell? Forteljingar om cannabisbruk”.


Peer-review work for the following journals:

Qualitative Sociology; Health Risk and Society; Body & Society; Urban Studies (Environment and planning D); Journal of Youth Studies; Addiction; Distinktion; Young. Nordic Journal for Youth studies; Drug and Alcohol review; Drugs. Education, Prevention and Policy; Scandinavian Journal of Public Health; Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs; BMC Psychiatry; Alcohol and Alcoholism; Mediekultur; Kvinder, Køn & Forskning; Dansk Sociologi; Forskning i Sygdom og Samfund



Demant has over 60 publications including: 2 books; 45 peer-reviewed journal articles. His google scholar profile shows 540 citations, with an h-index of 13 and an i10-index of 14 (at 02 August 2016). Within a Danish context Demant has ben central in informing policies and prevention strategies regarding alcohol in youth. He has been partaking in meetings with Minister of health and relevant organizations as Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Kommunerns Landsforning, SSP samrådet ect. He has further been an frequent invited speaker and workshops organizer in the field of alcohol and drug prevention within the municipalities in Denmark.

ID: 923803