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Jacob Strandell

Jacob Strandell

Ekstern lektor

Områder af interesse:

  • Cognitive Sociology
  • Philosophy of science
  • Qualitative Methodology
  • Cognitive psychology, -science and neurocognition
  • Intimacy & Couplehood
  • Self & Identity
  • Self-Esteem
  • Masculinity

Aktuel forskning

I study culture-cognition interaction. My research is concerned with understanding the role of culture in cognition (i.e. thinking, memory, perception, intuition), and the role of cognition for culture. I believe that the future of sociology is to be cross-disciplinary, collaborative and cumulative with closely related, but traditionally separate, disciplines such as the cognitive sciences. My research is at its core basic and theory-driven, which means that I aim to develop knowledge useful in a broad range of fields.

I am affiliated with the Civil Society and Culture research group. The working title for the project is “Towards a Sociology of Culture and Cognition: The Case of Self-Esteem.” Previously I was a master’s student at Lund University (Sweden) and Halmstad University (Sweden).

My supervisor at UCPH is Professor Jakob Johan Demant

ID: 101223017