9. december 2019

Contribution to the book 'Habermas Global - Wirkungsgeschichte eines Werks'

Associate Professor Mikael Carleheden has together with professor Carl-Göran Heidegren (Lund University) contributed to the book 'Habermas global - Wirkungsgeschichte eines Werks (eds. Luca CorchiaStefan Müller-DoohmWilliam Outhwaite, Suhrkamp 2019) with the chapter ' Habermas in Schweden: Eine Rezeption mit Hindernissen‘.

In this volume the international reception history of Jürgen Habermas as both philosopher and public intellectual is discussed by more than 30 authors, who represent more than 15 language and scientific cultures. In so doing this edition grants a comprehensive look at the international impact of Habermas’ thought, while simultaneously casting a new light on all of his work, which is inseparable from his concept of communicative rationality.

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