1. marts 2018

Emotional Dynamics in Conflict and Conflict Transformation

Associate Professor Poul Poder and his collague post doc Isabel Bramsen from Department of Political Science have co-authored the article 'Emotional Dynamics in Conflict and Conflict Transformation' as a part of the handbook articles on Strengthening Capacities.

Poul Poder and Isabel Bramsen argue that emotions are an essential part of conflict and conflict transformation, both for analytical and practical purposes. Appreciating the role emotional dynamics play in conficts more thoroughly expands our understanding of conflict, and fosters new opportunities for productive conflict transformation. The main proposition in this article is to adopt a more systematic and contextual view on emotions. Acknowledging positive emotions can counterbalance the currently predominant focus on immediate and negative emotions, and open new avenues for conflict research and policy-making. Also, assuming a situational perspective on the micro-dynamics of emotions can help understand what drives actors in conflicts and conflict transformation.

Poul Poder & Isabel Bramsen, Emotional Dynamics in Conflict and Conflict Transformation in Strengthening Capacities, Berghof Foundation, 2018.