21. februar 2020

Qualitative Analysis. Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences

Qualitative Analysis. Eight Approaches for the Social Sciences
Professor Margaretha Järvinen has, together with professor Nanna Mik-Meyer (CBS) edited a book on qualitative methods, published by SAGE.
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The aim of the book is to go inside the “black box” of qualitative research where empirical data are transformed into analytical findings. The book bridges the traditional gap between texts about the theory of science and texts about specific techniques as methods. It is a book about methodologies rather than methods, with all chapters combining a description of an analytic tradition with concrete examples of empirical research. Rather than describing how to conduct an analysis, the authors show the reader how an analysis can be carried through. Eight analytical traditions are presented: Symbolic interactionism, phenomenology, hermeneutics, critical realism, grounded theory, narrative analysis, discourse analysis and actor-network theory.  
The book’s chapters are written by Margaretha Järvinen (DK), Nanna Mik-Meyer (DK), Michael Gill (UK) Anne Roelsgaard Obling (DK), Nils Gilje (NO), Søren Kristiansen (DK), Lee Martin (UK), Amber J. Fletcher (CA), Kathy Charmaz (USA), Catherine Conlon (IE), Michael Bamberg (USA), Tea Torbenfeldt Bengtsson (DK), Ditte Andersen (DK), Kaspar Villadsen (DK), Teun A. van Dijk (ES), Lise Justesen (DK), Jakob Demant (DK) and Signe Ravn (AU).      
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