09. marts 2017

Routledge Handbook on Consumption

Professor Bente Halkier has together with her colleagues Margit Keller, Terhi-Anna Wilska and Monica Truninger edited the book 'Routledge Handbook on Consumption'.

Bente Halkier has contributed as an author with two chapters. She is the co-author of chapter 1, 'Consumption research revisited: Charting of the territory and introducing the handbook', together with Margit Keller, Monica Truninger and Terhi-Anna Wilska. In the chapter, the authors outline the multi-disciplinary research field of consumption research and its historical development, and introduce to the handbook. Bente Halkier is also the author of chapter 4, 'Methods and methods’ debates within consumption research'. In the chapter, she shows that consumption research cover four different types of research, based on their methodological differences, and furthermore discusses current methods issues and future methods potentials in consumption research.

The book gathers experts from around the world to provide a nuanced overview of the latest scholarship in this expanding field. At once ambitious and timely, the volume provides an ideal map for those looking to position their work, find new analytic insights and identify research gaps. With an intuitive thematic structure and resolutely international outlook, it engages with theory and methodology; markets and businesses; policies, politics and the state; and culture and everyday life.

Bente Halkier, Routledge Handbook on Consumption, 1st ed., 2017