6. december 2013

Article: Social sciences in the field of power - the case of Danish social science

Article by Kristoffer Kropp.
Social Science Information, September 2013, vol. 52, no. 3, page 425-449.

The social science disciplines are strongly differentiated both on an epistemological level and in problem choice. This article looks into how differences with the social sciences are not only internal principles of differentiation but also constitute important relations to other powerful societal interests and institutions. The articles shows social sciences is also field of force and struggle, where different disciplines compete in producing legitimate representations of the social that also represent specific societal interests. It the articles Kristoffer Kropp shows that different kinds of social scientific knowledge is connected to specific parts of the state. Thus, is economic knowledge is connected to dominating parts of the social space, whereas sociological and anthropological is more often connected to dominated part of the social space.

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