Noa Milman

Noa Milman

Marie Curie-stipendiat

 Currently, I am leading two research projects: one on the Danish welfare state, immigration and criminal justice, and the second is an international collaboration looking at anti-racist and Black Lives Matter mobilization in Europe. Both projects employ qualitative methodology.

The first project, funded by the EU Marie Curie grant, focuses on the intersection of immigration, welfare and criminal justice policies. There, I examine the ways in which Denmark's welfare and criminal justice policies have shifted in response to the contentious discourse on immigration, using a large dataset of newspaper articles, political speeches, and interviews with high-ranking civil servants. This project is expected to continue until 2022, and a few papers are in preparation based on this project.

On the second project, I lead an international team of researchers who study mobilization and resonance of BLM protests in Germany, Poland, Italy and Denmark in the aftermath of George Floyd's killing. The first output of this project is expected in January 2021.

My previous work examined welfare rights movements in the U.S. and in Israel, public discourse, and the news media. A paper on media framing of an Israeli welfare rights movement was awarded the RSMCC Outstanding Author Contribution Award.

ID: 166889006