Marie Leth Meilvang

Marie Leth Meilvang


In the context of nascent policy experiments with urban adaption to climate change, my PhD project is an investigation of how different professional groups – architects, engineers, planners, ecologists – compete and cooperate on sociotechnical challenges of city-based climate adaptation, particularly via the handling of and planning for extreme weather situations. A specific focus of the project is the role that transnational professional organisations and networks play in the process of handling this new area of expertise.

As a result of climate change, changing weather patterns and the rise of sea levels gives cities (mostly those in near proximity to water) new problems and challenges to overcome. This process of handling a new urban risk, opens the possibility for new professional organizations and new roles for professions. The handling of and planning for extreme weather situations is thus a new area of work, one that different professions claim as a jurisdiction. For instance the attempts to solve water problems locally and ’on-the-ground’ via green roofs and raingardens (as opposed to sewage solutions) ascribe important roles for landscape architects and landscape gardeners, but also new opportunities for the engineering of models that predicts waterflows, and the shared economic responsibility between public institutions and private citizens in flooding situations allows for/requires urban planning expertise in citizen involvement.

Specifically, my project focuses on LAR (local drainage of rainwater, in Danish “Lokal Afledning af Regnvand”). Through field work in four Danish cities and Danish and transnational networks, the project will shed light on the inter- and intra professional coordination and ordering of this jurisdiction.

The project is supervised by Anders Blok.

ID: 136821783